A man caught a fish with a snake in its mouth in Tennessee, prompting wildlife officials to issue a warning. The bizarre photo taken by the local angler was shared on Facebook.

“It’s almost Halloween and it looks like the year 2020 is playing tricks on us again,” the Tennessee Wildlife Resources Agency wrote on Facebook on Sunday. “Be careful when you reach your hand in a fish’s mouth! You never know what might be in there.”

The photo shared by the agency shows a local angler inspecting his catch with the snake inside its mouth.

"The head was looking at me right before I took this picture," fisherman Dan Boudrie told the agency. "I thought it was cool but wondered how I would explain to an ER doc that I got bit by a snake from putting my fingers in a fish’s mouth."

"It initially shocked me, since I am new to Tennessee and not real familiar with the look of venomous species here. I was very careful not to put my fingers in its house," Boudrie added.

However, some followers of the page identified the reptile as a common water snake and said it was non-venomous. But, some said that the species can grow up to four-and-a-half feet.

Social media users also reacted to the image saying that it was completely harmless and nothing to get intimidated by.

“Harmless common water snake, I asked in a snake Identification group," one Facebook user commented. Another wrote: “Banded water snake. Not poison but could make you break your neck if you unexpectedly walk up on one.”

“Any Brass fisherman knows that bass eat snakes or any thing that will fit in its mouth. No surprise to me," a third wrote. “If I had lipped the fish and then saw the snake, I probably would have thrown the fish, snake and rod and reel across the lake! No pictures!” another posted.

Snake Pixabay