Bitmojis across the avatar platform are about to get a makeover. The customizable digital mini-mes will now come with more options for skin tone, hair color and style, clothing and other aspects of the animated avatars.

The platform, owned by Snap Inc., announced the new additions to the app Tuesday and is calling the new options, Bitmoji Deluxe. Now users can have more power over how exactly they design their avatar counterparts.

“We love hearing your feedback and we've tried to create a new Bitmoji style that will help our community create Bitmojis that feel even more personal!” said a release from the company on the new change. The company has taken the feedback from years working on Bitmoji and Bitstrips to come up with the new options available in Deluxe, a Snap Inc. spokesperson told International Business Times.

The new features allow users to use a selfie to help guide their avatar creation and features can be previewed right on the Bitmoji’s face, said a release.

How To Update Bitmoji To Deluxe

First, users who wish to use the new features offered in Deluxe should update the app. This can be done by checking the App Store or Google Play updates. Upon opening the Bitmoji app, users should select the settings wheel that looks like a gear icon, and then “change avatar style.” The options available will be “Bitstrips,” “Bitmoji Classic,” and now “Bitmoji Deluxe.”

Users can then select Deluxe and go ahead and start choosing from the new features available to change their Bitmoji. The new options offer more hairstyles, eye color, makeup, face shapes and more.

bitmoji deluxe
Bitmoji is giving users more options to personalize their avatars with the new Bitmoji Deluxe. Snap Inc.