The dancing hot dog on Snapchat was one of the app's most beloved overnight sensations. It was introduced to the app back in July and instantly became a favorite of all the lenses available for users to add to photos and videos and share with friends. It was one of the earliest augmented reality additions to Snapchat, it actually reacted to its surroundings, which made it even more good fun for users. 

But now Snapchat users’ cutest headphone-wearing, dancing buddy has disappeared from the app. Some people are taking the loss pretty hard, they’ve taken to Twitter to air their grievances about the loss of the little guy.

Users were upset when they realized the hot dog was missing, one even resorted to improvising their own drawing of the hot dog. But really, nothing could stand in for the real thing.

Snapchat continuously rotates the lenses available on the app to keep the experience fun and exciting, a Snapchat spokesperson told International Business Times. This means that while the hot dog might be gone there are other lenses for users to get excited about. There are some new lenses on the app too, but it seems they just can’t fill the dancing hot dog shaped hole left in the hearts of some users.

The lenses that have taken the place of dancing hot dog include an inflatable dancer, pictured above. You usually see these outside of carwashes and maybe car dealerships, but now you can add one to any Snapchat video or photo you take.

There’s a lens that features a metallic-looking cat that will run around your photo or video in circles. And there’s one that looks just like the end of the movie “ET.” Users can have a kid on a bike with his alien friend ride across their Snapchat videos, but the hot dog is on the outs. To pair with the iconic ET scene, there’s also a face filter in the app of the little alien in the basket of a bike and it puts the user in Elliott’s red hoodie.

If you’re bummed about the hot dog’s disappearance don’t lose hope. Filters have been known to disappear from the app and then come back when least expected.