snapchat users
At least 150 million people are using Snapchat, a mobile storytelling app, every day. Bloomberg via Getty Images

Snapchat is now overshadowing Twitter on a key statistic: daily active users. At least 150 million people are using the mobile storytelling app compared to fewer than 140 million people on Twitter, Bloomberg reported citing anonymous sources.

That’s a rapid rise for a 4-year-old app that claims to be the perfect destination for advertisers seeking millennial eyeballs. The Venice, California, company publicly touts more than 100 million people use the app each day. Yet, that statistic has been on its advertising page since at least December.

In the past year, the app has gained notoriety for locking down partnerships with media companies and sport coverage deals, such as with the NFL, Wimbledon and the Olympics. Celebrity Kim Kardashian only joined the app in March.

Meanwhile, Twitter has struggled to attract new users and satisfy old ones. The 10-year-old microblogging site once competed in size with Facebook. But while Facebook now boasts 1.59 billion monthly active users and 1.09 billion daily active users, Twitter pales in comparison at 310 million monthly active users and an estimated 140 million daily. Other Facebook-owned apps, including Instagram, Messenger and WhatsApp, all surpass Twitter’s active user base with 400 million, 900 million and 1 billion, respectively.

Twitter’s monthly numbers might not be honest in regard to showing engagement. A Vanity Fair report claimed Twitter used to send emails to inactive users requesting that they sign back on since something was wrong with their account. That false boost reportedly is not being used anymore, however.

Beyond its user count, Snapchat is also growing in revenue and value. The company raised $1.8 billion in a Series F fundraising round last month and is projected to bring in $250 million to $350 million in revenue in 2016, up from $59 million in 2015. Meanwhile, shares of Twitter, which went public in 2013, are trading at record lows. The company’s valuation has dropped from $40 billion to $10 billion.

Correction, 1:45 p.m. EDT: This story previously stated Twitter has 305 million monthly active users, while in fact the company last reported 310 million monthly actives users in April 2016.