Many are speculating that the attack was the result of an argument between Solange and Jay-Z or her witnessing him disrespecting her sister Beyoncé. But after the pair was reportedly seen shopping in a NYC jewelry store, it looks as though any possible issues between the two have subsided. Reuters

Most fans of Beyoncé and Jay Z already knew who Solange Knowles was well before their much-publicized fight in the elevator at the Standard Hotel in New York City, but after the post-Met Gala altercation on May 5, Solange gained sudden notoriety.

It seemed Solange and Jay Z were fighting over something big to many of those who saw the video TMZ leaked. But apparently it was over something small. "Solange was yelling that anyone who gets close to Jay has to be warned and deal with her as a sister," a source told Us Weekly about Beyoncé’s younger sibling.

The hip-hop royal couple reportedly tried to get Solange to leave the party, which apparently set off the elevator fight. "Jay said something small to her along the lines of, 'You are out of line,'” a different source told the news site. "Solange was being a loudmouth and snapped at Jay trying to calm her down and get her out of there."

The insider added that "there were a few other things" said, but maintained it "isn't the big deal people are making it into." The source continued: "Honestly, the whole fight was over something so small and stupid."

Rumors have been exploding since the altercation, with some asserting that Solange was upset because Jay Z was going to Rihanna’s Met Gala party alone. Beyoncé was also criticized by some after the video showed her remaining stoic in the corner as her little sister tried to attack her husband. But a source told Us Weekly Queen Bey was just “trying to keep the peace.”

"Both Bey and Jay were trying to handle the situation," the source told Us Weekly. "Solange has been that way before, and Jay and Bey just wanted to get her out of there and home before she really caused a ruckus."

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