Are you ready for the madness, “Sons of Anarchy” fans? Because the hit FX series is right around the corner with its seventh and final season. That’s right, Kurt Sutter's drama will debut its last season in September, which means now is when Season 7's spoilers will start leaking on the Internet -- so, brace yourself!

From casting updates to new character additions, Sutter hasn’t been shy when it comes to revealing “SOA” news to fans. And it looks as if FX’s Vice President of Media Relations, Dominic Pagone, has taken the King of Chaos’ lead, tweeting behind-the-scenes photos of the show’s lead actor, Charlie Hunnam, who plays Jax Teller.

“Last night was the first of 2 promo shoots; this was just with Charlie. I’ll tease a few shots, but remember,” the tweet continued, “So don’t over-analyze the photos, don’t speculate; just get excited for the start of Season 7! #SOAFX.”

Sure, sure -- whatever you say, Dom!

And here he is, Mr. Charlie Hunnam. @SonsofAnarchy #SOAFX

Now he's ready. @SonsofAnarchy #soafx

The images showed a dapper-looking Jax sporting his iconic leather vest and a clean-shaven face.

Of course there has to be riding. @SonsofAnarchy #SOAFX

Ready for what? Although Pagone begged us not to speculate, we just can’t help ourselves! The last time we saw Jax, he had a scruffy blonde beard with specs of blood in it from holding Tara’s dead, bludgeoned body against his own. He sat on the floor for what seemed like hours in the Season 6 finale, completely inconsolable as his dead wife lay in his arms.

Now, you can’t tell me part of Jax’s grieving process was shaving off his blond stubble, can you? That leads us to believe that the Season 7 promo pics Pagone leaked out have something to do with the rumored flashbacks we’ve been hearing about.

The Examiner reported that the final season of “SOA” would begin its season before the death of Tara occurred, showing fans a fresh perspective of events leading up to Gemma’s attack. Sounds pretty cool, right? But we’re sure whatever Sutter has up his sleeve will wow us when Season 7 airs this fall.

Are you excited for the final season of “Sons of Anarchy”? Chime in with your predictions for Season 7 in the comments section below and let us know whether you prefer a stubbly or clean-shaven Jax -- you know, just for kicks!