Sons of Anarchy season 7 spoilers
Will Theo Rossi's charatcer meet his demise in Season 7 of "Sons of Anarchy"? Kurt Sutter teases a grim future for Juice. James Minchin/FX

“Sons of Anarchy” will be airing its seventh and final season on Tuesday, Sept. 9, at 10 p.m. EDT. And according to the mastermind behind the hit FX series fans are going to be in for a bloody-surprise when episode 1, “Black Widower,” airs -- emphasis on the “bloody.”

"The body count is intense because Jax is in full vengeance mode," “SoA” creator Kurt Sutter teased to E! News. "As a result of that, the gloves are off and those risks are being taken that perhaps may not have been taken in previous seasons, because the stakes are so high."

So, who will be on Jax’s hit list when the new season premieres? Well, according to fan predictions, viewers are anticipating Jax to go after someone who betrayed him in the Season 6 finale: Juice.

But just because Theo Rossi’s character deceived Jax last season doesn’t mean he’s bound to end up six feet under, right? Well, originally we might have dismissed that theory but after Sutter revealed the SAMCRO Season 7 death toll we’re not ruling out any final season forecasts -- even the wild cards.

“Two club members will be dead,” Sutter told Entertainment Weekly the number of how many Charming motorcycle club members we could expect dead by the series finale. “I don’t think there’ll be more than that.”

With a spoiler that big fans immediately took to our poll, which you can check out here, to cast their votes of what club member they thought would meet their gruesome demise in Season 7 of “SoA.” Thus far Juice has won the title of most likely to die out of the 10 remaining SAMCRO members with a whopping 438 votes. Jax trails behind him at 251 votes.

According to TVLine, viewers have every reason to fear for Juice’s safety. Sutter told the publication that Rossi’s character will have a frightening “revelation about himself” in episode 6 of the new season (Phew -- at least Juice will make it halfway through the final season!).

“It’s somewhat sad, but it explains his journey and why he is doing what he is doing,” the EP added. “He’s sort of on this path that begins with him having some glimmer of hope, and then when that doesn’t come to fruition, he’s just completely untethered and lost.”

But don’t keep your fingers crossed too tightly for Juice. Apparently the SAMCRO member will have a guardian angel -- or should we say devil? -- sitting on his shoulder during the final season. Katey Sagal revealed to E! News that her character Gemma will make it her mission in Season 7 to keep the man who protected her -- and her deadly secret -- safe. As we all remember, Juice shot Sheriff Eli when he walked into the murder scene of where Gemma killed Tara. Juice then helped Gemma flee the blood-soaked kitchen before Jax or the Charming police arrived.

"She's very loyal to that," Katey Sagal told E! News. "She has selfish motivations -- she wants him to be quiet -- but she's going to make sure he's OK."

Do you think Gemma can protect Juice from a gruesome Season 7 death on of “SoA”? Or do you think Juice's fate is pretty much sealed? Sound off in the comments section below with your theories and don’t forget to tune into the Season 7 premiere of “Sons of Anarchy” on Tuesday, Sept. 9.