Sony will revamp its marketing efforts in upcoming months, rolling out limited edition products and pushing its upcoming next-generation console, vying to garner lucrative holiday season consumer spending.

Experts believe the Japan-based electronics maker will start its push with a special edition of its most current console game system, the Playstation 2.

Our research indicates that there is a new limited edition version of the Sony PlayStation 2, Paul-Jon McNealy, research analyst at American Technical Research said.

Rumors of the pending limited game system have been floating through online-communities in recent weeks. Reportedly, a silver-colored PS2 will launch on October 24, in quantities of 500-thousand units.

Sony is also bulking marketing efforts for its anticipated PlayStation 3 console. Campaigns designed to show the value of the new system will be launched, and 15-thousand PS3 units will reach stores for hands-on game play in North America between the end of October and Black Friday, the retail day after Thanksgiving.

We expect online capabilities to some degree for these boxes as well, which could likely be packaged for display at retail with Sony high-definition Bravia TV sets, McNealy added. We believe this type of vertical packaging is a win-win for both Sony and the retailers.

In addition to efforts ramping for this holiday season, the firm also plans to refresh its portable gaming system during the spring quarter of 2007.

Sony will likely introduce a refresh of the PSP hardware line, including a hard-disk drive PSP and a second PSP with no hard drive but with a significant amount of flash memory on board.

The analysts expects these products pricing for the hard-drive based model at $199 or above, and the new flash-based one below $199.