Sony dropped the version 4.50 firmware update for the PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 4 Pro earlier this month, but for many users, it’s caused some unexpected problems.

On Sony’s PS4 forum via Polygon, users are complaining after the update caused Wi-Fi connectivity to stop working on their PS4 consoles. While physically connecting an Ethernet cable from the PS4 to a router still works as a backup option, Wi-Fi on affected consoles is entirely broken.

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In the thread, which is up to around 250 replies in around two weeks, multiple users have posted about seeing the error code NW-31297-2 on their console.

“Error code NW-31297-2 is back. My correct password is not letting it get online,” user gemeralderin said. “There is no answer from the code troubleshooting guide. Do we know if the devs are aware that this morning's update knocked people offline? And is there a fix?”

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At the moment, Sony has only confirmed that it is aware of the error code and looking into the issue, which likely isn’t much comfort to users without internet access on their PS4 consoles.

Sony’s 4.50 firmware update included several major updates to Sony’s interface and console. Along with various cosmetic updates to the PS4’s interface, the console also got support for external storage and a Boost Mode that improves the performance of older games that weren’t optimized to run on the PlayStation 4 Pro.