• Sony has not yet revealed the official name of the next "God Of War" game
  • Rumors have it that the company may have slipped the official name of the next "God of War" game
  • Sony teased the next "God of War" game in April 2019

Several reports have pointed out that Sony has revealed the logo and the official title of the next "God Of War" installment in its most recent investor relations presentation.

After several sites reported that Sony may have leaked the official name and logo of the next "God of War" game, the Japanese gaming titan has updated its original investor report slides, which is where the reports have stemmed from. The company has replaced the original "God of War: Ragnarok" logo with a more generic logo of the series. Unfortunately, Sony has not offered any reason, but it appears that the logo it previously used was not official and was only used in the report by accident.

Earlier this week, the "God Of War: Ragnarok" logo appeared in one of the slides in Sony's most recent investor report. The logo was featured along with other major titles under the umbrella of the Japanese gaming giant. Many believed that this is a confirmation of the official name of the much-awaited PlayStation exclusive sequel.

god of war
'God of War' launches exclusively on PlayStation 4 on April 20, 2018. Sony

Many fans were delighted about this since most of them guessed about the sequel's name as early as April 2019. Rumors that the next "God of War" game would be called "God Of War: Ragnarok" surfaced following Sony's presentation, which has teased that "Ragnarok is coming." The same phrase was also used in the game's teaser trailer.

After reports that the next "God of War" would have the "Ragnarok" subtitle, Cory Balrog, the game director of the series, tweeted a GIF. It seemingly showed the director's reaction to the reports on the game's official title. Unfortunately, the tweet does not offer any context to the GIF, but it understandably shows what the director thinks of the reports at that time.

Not long after the "God of War: Ragnarok" title surfaced online, several sites have claimed that the logo Sony used in its original investor report slides is fan-made. If these reports' claims are accurate, it could mean that someone within Sony may have taken the logo from Google Image Search or another source.

For now, the next "God of War" game has no official name. Sony has not yet revealed the game's specific release date, its other launch platforms aside from PS5.