Sony Corp. introduced two single-layer Blu-ray Disc recorders with a single-layer, 25-Gbyte capacity at the Ceatec 2006 electronics show in Japan.

Sony is targeting an initial production capacity of 10,000 units a month for both recorders. The higher end model, with a 500-Gbyte hard disc drive, is expected to sell for $2,565, while a basic model with a 250-Gbyte hard disc drive will sell for $2,120.

Blu-ray Disc promoters have emphasized the format's capacity of 50 Gbytes, achieved using dual layer discs. Sony's single layer, 25 Gbyte capacity is smaller than Toshiba's HD DVD recorder, which can write on dual layer, 30-Gbyte HD DVD-R discs.

Matsushita, who owns the popular brand last week announced two BD recorders that can read and write 50-Gbyte dual-layer discs.