Have you ever missed taking a great smiling photo because of digital camera shutter lag? Sony Corp's newest cameras aim to use technology to assist users to resolve that problem.

The Cybershot DSC-T200 and DSC-T70 models are nearly foolproof according to the company which says its latest digital cameras have a new smile shutter function that combines with other functions such as face detection, image stabilization and high sensitivity to low levels of light.

The camera is scheduled to ship this month according to a Sony announcement. For undecided store owners, the company is shopping the new product along with its entire lineup of new devices at the Sony Dealer Convention 2007 show in Tokyo this week.

The new camera offers a touch screen to let users select the subject to focus on and also to choose where the user wants to zoom. The DSC-T200 takes 8 megapixel photos, has a 3.5-inch viewing screen and a 5x zoom. It's available in sliver, black and red models. The DSC-T70 camera is slightly smaller, with a 3.0-inch screen and a 3x zoom and comes in silver, black, white and pink.

Other features include high-def TV compatibility via a separately sold cable and photo aspect resizing functions. The DSC-T200 and DSC-T70 sell for $400 and $300 respectively.

They can be pre-ordered from sonystyle.com or bought at Sony Style retail stores. Japan shipments start next week. Global shipments are set for later this month.