Despite her very busy schedule these days, Sophia Hutchins has taken some time off to be with Caitlyn Jenner in the latter’s Malibu hilltop mansion ahead of the Jenner patriarch’s birthday.

On Wednesday, the Pepperdine University graduate took to Instagram to share a snap of the “I Am Cait” star’s pet dogs, Bertha and Baxter. The photo appears to have been taken in Jenner’s backyard since the dogs are lounging by the former Olympian’s pool.

“It’s a bit warm in Malibu these days! Love these two cuties,” Sophia captioned her post.

The day prior, Hutchins was actually at The Mercer Hotel in New York doing a photoshoot. In a video post about her working engagement, the 23-year-old CEO looks stunning in an all-black ensemble and her blonde hair.

Sophia is currently preparing for the launch of her health and technology company called Lumasol, which is set to happen in the spring of 2020. In a previous interview, she did admit that because of her tight schedule it’s been a challenge for her and her partner to see each other.

However, it’s clear that Hutchins is prioritizing Jenner this time around since the latter is set to celebrate a very important milestone: she’s turning 70 on Oct. 28.

A source told Life & Style that the former athlete “feels more confident now” than ever after working with the best surgeons for her transition. She is also said to be welcoming her 70th birthday with open arms because she’s become very confident in her body.

Sophia moved in with Caitlyn last year, sparking rumors that they were romantically involved and engaged to be married. Even though both parties have denied the romance rumors, they still continue to persist because of how they seem to be very inseparable.

“Caitlyn is like my cheerleader,” Hutchins said of her business partner. She noted that they always support each other and that makes them a “really good team.”

Aside from helping Jenner manage her businesses, Hutchins is also the executive director of the Caitlyn Jenner Foundation. But there are rumors that she could be leaving the organization soon once her own business venture has debuted.