In the latest episode of South Park a new black girl at school, Nichole, causes havoc when Cartman schemes to set her up with the only black guy, Token. Watch the full episode here.

It's been a while since Matt Stone and Trey Parker decided to put Token, the ironically-named, rich, black boy who is bussed to South Park to create a sense of diversity, and although the new episode in no way measures up to classic Token episode, Here Comes the Neighborhood, it was still pretty funny.

The episode opened with Butters running through the school's halls screaming that there's a new girl and she's a cheerleader. When the boys spot the girl and see that she's black, Cartman immediately decides that Token will have to date her. Token doesn't seem particularly interested, though Cartman reassures him saying, dude I'm being serious.

In the classroom Cartman is trying to initiate a romance between Token and Nichole, while Mr. Garrison is working his way through a lesson on HBO's Game Of Thrones. All the characters are diagrammed on the board and, although Garrison says he is drawing a comparison with the ancient Greeks, he seems to be summarizing the series. He says they are headed for a big blowout right in season two before delving into what was going on in the north, because that was just a whole other mess...

Cartman enlists the help of a few girls to set up Token and Nichole, and after school he spies on the girls and learns that Nichole is actually interested in dating Kyle. This will not stand, so Cartman does exactly what we've come to expect from him and confesses to Nichole that he and Kyle are gay lovers.

Cartman's plot continues and he notes that love is like taking a dump, Butters, sometimes it works itself out, but sometimes you gotta give it a nice, hard, slimy push. Aided by Butters and an imaginary cupid-Cartman he locks Nichole and Token in the school alone for the night with massage oils. The plan works, the two get to know each other better and even make plans to get lunch the next day. At this point the show cuts to a montage of their blossoming relationship while Cartman sings a love ballad. At the same time Kyle is starting to think all the girls at school have crushes on him, while in fact they all think he's gay and want to be his friend.

At home Cartman is having fun playing with his imaginary cupid-self, who hogs the bathroom, poops chocolate hearts and refuses to flush. At Nichole's home her father worries that she is limiting herself by dating the only black boy at school. In her room Nichole is playing with a teddy bear that Cartman fooled her into believing was a gift from Token, when she finds a message on it stating that people should date within their own race, prompting her to break up with Token.

When Cartman learns that the couple he created are broken up, he is inconsolable. He cries in bed while Butters hands him tissues, and even beats his cupid-self half to death with a baseball bat. Later we see him still depressed and watching TV on the couch, when a commercial for laxatives inspires him not to give up with the words when the going gets tough the tough get going.

He revives cupid and heads to Nichole's house, where her father proudly tells him that his daughter is at a basketball game with a white Jewish boy. Cartman runs to the game to stop Kyle and shows up on the 'megatron' screen to profess his gay love for Kyle. He also tells everyone that there is a real life Batmobile outside, prompting a stampede towards the exit which somehow reunites Token and Nichole, who decide to give their relationship another shot.

Finally content, Cartman tells his cupid-self, people who are the same belong together, prompting cupid to shoot a few love arrows into a girl suffering from halitosis, Cartman's perfect match.