Spanx New 'Booty Bra'
Spanx' new "Booty Bra" Spanx

Hosiery company Spanx has joined the craze surrounding bigger butts with the launch of its new undergarment called the “Booty Bra.”

While butt implants and butt injections seem to have become as commonplace as nose jobs for many women (not only those in urban music videos), those procedures can be expensive and invasive, with reports of botched jobs done on the black market making headlines.

But if you want a cheaper and less-permanent method to achieving the perfect derriere, Spanx has you covered. But is it just as "dishonest" as injections?

The company describes the “Booty Bra” as follows:

"It’s a bra … for your butt! The Trust Your Thinstincts Booty Bra features your favorite smush-free technology from up top … now on bottom. Expandable fabric placed at the cheeks keeps your posterior perky and separated—you won’t believe these buns are real!”

The undergarment promises to “lift and separate for the perfect shape,” as well as provide a “full look,” all for $58.

Bigger backsides seem to be all the rage lately. Just this week, Twitter fans accused Beyoncé of wearing butt and hip pads under her clothing at the BRIT Awards. On Wednesday, Kim Kardashian had to defend herself on Twitter after being accused by tabloids of getting butt injections. “I'm seeing all these nonsense tabloids claiming I have butt implants-injections. Get a life!” she said.

What are your thought on Spanx' new “Booty Bra?”