The DiMeos are finally moving more stuff from their old house into their new home in Season 1, episode 3 of “Speechless.” However, not every member of the family is on board with it.

In a sneak peek for this week’s episode, titled “B-O-N–BONFIRE,” Ray (Mason Cook) suggests that it would be better if they don’t take any of their stuff from their old house. When his dad Jimmy (John Ross Bowie) insists that they should, Ray reasons that their stuff was just “other people’s garbage” before it became their own.

“Ray these are our things, and there’s a certain romance to how we got them — the thrill of the chase, the excitement of the big score,” Jimmy explains to his son, trying to convince him.

But it turns out that Ray simply wants to have new things for their new home. “When you love a house with nice things, it go well together — a room with a tasteful rug and matching lamps,” Ray says, before adding that their stuff in their old house is just “embarrassing.”

Immediately after hearing that comment, Maya (Minnie Driver) tells her son, “I’m sorry you feel that way about our life, Ray. But we have challenges other families don’t.” Will that excuse enough for Ray to have a change of heart? Watch the full sneak peek below:

Elsewhere in the episode, Maya forces the cancellation of Lafayette High School’s homecoming bonfire due to her concern about the gathering’s location not being wheelchair accessible.

While Maya thinks her decision ultimately favors JJ’s (Micah Fowler) welfare, the synopsis for the episode reveals that her opposition to the annual event hurts JJ’s relationships with his new friends at school.

After finding out that his mom is the one behind the bonfire cancellation, some of JJ’s schoolmates start speaking out against him. As seen in the preview clip for the upcoming episode, JJ — together with his new aide Kenneth (Cedric Yarbrough) — arrives home from school looking particularly sad.

Maya then realizes that she’s wrong about forcing the cancellation of the bonfire, so she plans a fake prank to help JJ earn back the approval of his schoolmates.

“Speechless” Season 1, episode 3 airs Wednesday, Oct. 5, at 8:30 p.m. on ABC.