Spencer Pratt and Heidi Montag's relationship was closely followed by fans of "The Hills." But the reality stars are now saying much of their love drama on the show was either scripted or completely fake. Reuters


  • Spencer Pratt named Lisa Kudrow the rudest celebrity he's ever met 
  • Pratt alleged that Kudrow warned his wife Heidi Montag to stay away from him because he has the "eyes of a serial killer"
  • Bethenny Frankel claimed that she also had a "crazy experience" with the "Friends" alum

Spencer Pratt has slammed Lisa Kudrow as "one of the worst humans" he's ever met.

Weeks after JoJo Siwa named "Full House" star Candace Cameron Bure the "rudest celebrity [she'd] ever met" in a viral TikTok video, Pratt hopped on the trend by calling out the "Friends" alum in a similar-style video on the platform.

When asked to name the rudest celebrity he's met, the "Hills" alum said in a video he uploaded Friday afternoon, "Oh, that's easy. Phoebe from 'Friends.' Hands down, one of the worst humans I've ever come in contact with. By far."

Bethenny Frankel appeared to share his opinion of Kudrow as the "Real Housewives of New York City" alum commented on Pratt's post: "That's crazy. She was on my talk show and I had a crazy experience also," according to Page Six. Pratt replied to Frankel with the 100% emoji.

However, many users were not convinced that Kudrow could be unkind to him, with a number of fans asking the "Pratt Daddy" podcast host to share "the story behind this."

"If this hit[s] million plus views, I will think about telling the story," Pratt replied, according to Page Six.

After the clip garnered millions of views, Pratt posted a follow-up TikTok video in which he explained why he named Kudrow the rudest celebrity he's ever met.

"The year was 2009 and Heidi and I were invited to our first elite A-list party. It was clear when we got there, no one wanted us there," he said, referring to his wife Heidi Montag. "It was almost like we were filming for 'Punk'd' and a camera was going to pop up, but Heidi and I didn't care as there was delicious food and an open bar."

Pratt claimed that while they were enjoying some caviar, Kudrow allegedly approached them, which he described as "a little shocking as no one had spoken to us at all at the party."

Pratt went on to allege, "Right in front of me, [Kudrow] tells Heidi that she needs to get away from me as fast as possible because I'm going to murder Heidi, and that I have the eyes of a serial killer."

Montag waited to see if it was "a joke," before realizing that it wasn't, according to Pratt.

"Maybe this is a bit, a skit – maybe this is a hidden camera party and why we were invited to this elite party – but no laughs," he recalled. "She just walks away, and that right there was the rudest moment I've ever encountered with a human being."

Kudrow has not addressed Pratt's claims as of this writing.

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