spice girls reunion 2018
Geri Horner gave an update about possibly reuniting with Victoria Beckham, Emma Bunton, Melanie Chisholm and Melanie Brown of The Spice Girls again, after last performing together during the Closing Ceremony of the Olympic Games on Aug. 12, 2012 in London, England. Jeff J Mitchell/Getty Images

The Spice Girls will always be one of the most-loved girl groups, no matter how much times passes. They formed in 1994, hit the scene in 1996 with their first album “Spice,” which included their major hit “Wannabe,” and then skyrocketed even more when they starred in the cult classic film “Spice World,” which released in the United States 20 years ago, on Jan. 23, 1998.

All these years later, fans still hope for more from the group, who performed in 2012 at the Olympic Games, and want the girls to reunite in 2018. Member Geri “Ginger Spice” Horner recently gave Daily Mail’s Event magazine an update on the possibility of that happening and, sadly, it’s not looking good.

“As far as another tour happening, there are no plans,” she told the outlet. “Funnily enough, even though I’m the one who left the Spice Girls, I’m always the one talking to everyone. I’m like Woody from Toy Story, keeping everyone together.”

Despite keeping the girls together, it seems like that only goes so far as their friendship, not their music group.

“They are still my family…I care about all of them,” she continued. “I’m there for whatever anyone is going through, and I’m always open to doing something with the girls, but there are no plans at the moment.”

At least Horner didn’t try to break any hearts and say that a reunion is never going to happen, only that there isn’t anything on the table right now. It is a bit confusing, though, because there have been so many rumors of the Spice Girls reuniting over the years, but there was especially a lot of speculation in 2016 when Horner and some of the other girls teased a reunion.

Melanie Brown, Emma Bunton and Horner released a video together that year in honor of “Wannabe” turning 20 and named the video “GEM,” which were the first letters of their first names, and even shared that they had a new website called spicegirlsgem.com and that there was more to come from the three of them, but nothing ever did.

“At the time we wanted to do something to mark ‘Wannabe,’” Horner explained. “I was totally up for the idea of getting together because I thought it would be amazing for the fans and just a lot of fun.”

After talking about it with all of the girls, “Victoria [Beckham] didn’t want to do it because she has a whole different life now, and Mel C [Chisholm] didn’t feel it was right,” so she ended up just doing the video with Brown and Bunton. But, alas, the girls decided to not move forward with anything more as GEM because “at some point you’ve gotta know when it’s time say, ‘That was great,’” and then let it be.

Still, fans should keep the hope alive as Horner hasn’t ruled out the possibility of a reunion happening in the future.