Have you ever got sucked into a “Bar Rescue” marathon? There is something about John Taffer slapping some sense into a restaurant owner that is satisfying to watch. Spike’s new real-life series, “Life or Debt,” will definitely attract the same crowd of viewers … all the while delivering a much-needed wake-up call about their finances.

Talking about your income and finances has always been taboo, but “Life or Debt” star Victor Antonio is breaking down that wall. He’s finding families who are in a financial crisis and using some tough love to cut their debt and change the way they live their lives. But, of course, it’s not an easy task.

Every week “Life or Debt” takes viewers into the homes of an American family trying to stay afloat. After revealing their income, bills and debt, Antonio sets up a four day “takeover” to see if he can get them on the right path towards getting out of the red. Then, after 90 days, Antonio returns to see if the family was able and willing to make the changes necessary.

The debt issues that play out on screen are not as simple as being lazy or having an obsession with shopping. It’s Victor’s job to get down to the nitty-gritty to reveal the root of the problem – and what he finds may shock viewers. From a single mom running herself into the ground while working eight jobs, to a married couple struggling with financial infidelity and marital infidelity. The stories told during the 10-episode first season will strike a chord with viewers and make them reassess the way they’re handling their household.

But that’s not the only reason to tune in. Host Victor Antonio is like the angel you want on your shoulder every time you crack open your wallet or pull out your credit card. With experience in the corporate world working for multi-million dollar companies, and a successful author and motivational speaker, Antonio provides a refreshing outlook on the way people handle their finances. His goal is to wake up these families and get them to start running their households like a successful business. He’s not trying to sell short cuts or miracle solutions. Antonio’s passion on screen shows that he’s trying to make a difference – not just for the family on screen, but for the person watching from home.

Catch the premiere of “Life or Debt” on Spike this Sunday, March 13, at 10 p.m. EST.