A self-titled UFO researcher has found an “alien base” on Mars.

Reports of “alien bases” and structures on other planets aren’t really new. Now, a new report adds to the list of “alien bases” that have been found on Mars.

According to UFO researcher and prominent alien life theorist Scott Waring, the Spirit rover took a photo of an area where a “black structure” can be seen. He shared his finding on the ET Database.

Waring said he initially discovered the “alien structure” sitting there when he looked at the photo in 2011, but he wasn’t able to create a video presentation about it. Now, in a video uploaded to YouTube, Waring described the “structure” as having a “smooth top” and a “stealth black” color that makes it look like a “buried tower of sorts.”

Waring said the object shows some right angles that make it “look like a building” to him. The lighting and shadows, however, make it difficult for him to ascertain what kind of “building” it may be. He said, however, that something could be happening behind it.

He explained that if the black lines located a short distance away from the structure could be the rover’s tracks, it’s possible that it’s just a small structure. The structure, he said, is “about one to one-and-a-half meters across.” Despite the small size, it still is “pretty awesome to me,” Waring said. “It looks like an alien structure.”

Waring, despite his outlandish claims about the object in question, admits that he doesn’t know what it really is. He said it resembles what he calls that “stealth black tower” in Area 51. He also speculated that it could be some sort of military facility that was placed there earlier. “Do you think this is a military installation from long ago?” he said.

Other finds

The UFO researcher also said that seems to be four objects nearby. The four objects, he said, could be four broken jar pieces that make up one hollow jar. He also took note of the black line near the “alien structure” and said it could be the rover’s tracks, but since the rover isn’t that big, it’s quite unusual for the rover to leave a track that big.

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An illustration of an alien. Pawel86/Pixabay