Splatoon 2 fans have been asking about the fate of Callie and Marie for quite some time, and Squid Sisters chapter 1 finally starts to peel back the layers of what promises to be an interesting tale. Did last year’s Splatfest really destroy their partnership? It certainly seems so.

The full text can be read on Nintendo’s official Splatoon website, but the gist of the story is rather simple. Following the Callie vs. Marie Splatfest last July, both Squid Sisters skyrocketed to a newfound level of Inkopolis fame. This notoriety pushed the pair to release their first solo recordings, and that freedom bred greater desire for separation.

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In the months ahead, the friends would begin to fall into different routines. While Callie preferred talk show appearances, Marie stuck to music. Even though these two idols still shared the same apartment, they weren’t chasing the same ambitious. Simply put, these inseparable characters were growing apart.

As for what these details might reveal about Splatoon 2, that much remains unclear. The general assumption amongst fans is that the Squid Sister Stories plot may have ties to Splatoon 2’s scripted single-player and multiplayer moments. The reveal trailer that premiered during January’s Nintendo Switch presentation briefly showed Marie facing away from the camera with no Callie in sight. In that sense, it seems the Squid Sister Stories have snuck their way into the game’s lore in a way that’s significant enough to feature right from the start.

Leading up to Splatoon 2’s July launch, we’ve learned quite a few fresh details about its new maps, gear features and returning weapons. Most recently, Nintendo Japan fully detailed how new and old Amiibo will factor into the experience.

Splatoon 2 comes to Nintendo Switch July 21.
What did you think of Squid Sister Stories chapter 1? Did Marie’s victory in last summer’s Splatfest impact the story of Splatoon 2? Tell us in the comments section!