Spotify now has an app that’s part of Apple’s iMessage app. Reuters/Christian Hartmann

Music lovers were frustrated Wednesday morning when Spotify started cutting out and was not working. Those trying to stream music noticed the problems with the service a little after 11 a.m. EST. A message was appearing for some users that read, "Oooops, something went wrong while loading the artist's albums. Reload."

spotify not working
This Spotify error message was appearing for some users. Spotify/Screenshot

Reports of issues with the site were appearing on the website DownDetector as well. Users reported that they were also seeing a blank screen while trying to load the web player on their devices. Reports appeared to be coming in from listeners in parts of Europe and the United States, a map of the reports showed.

Users mostly experienced issues with the web player for the service. They took to Twitter to complain about the issues.

No message about the streaming issues was posted on either the Spotify Status Twitter account or the company's main Twitter account either. The Spotify Cares Twitter account was responding to Twitter users didn't seem to be of much assistance to users dealing with the difficult player.

In addition to problems with the music loading, users were complaining that they could not get their "wrapped" data, or the data the company compiles at the end of the year about user's listening habits.

This data details user's most listened to songs, how many minutes of music they listened to over the year, the genre of music they listen to most and more information about their habits on the streaming service.

Spotify asked users for their usernames and passwords to sort out this problem.

If you can't access your "wrapped" stats you can try using a non-private browsing window. If that doesn't work, try going directly to and logging in to your account or connecting that site to your account directly. This might get you the data you're looking for.