Spotify is looking to develop its own hardware, according to recent job postings. Spotify

Spotify is on platforms ranging to your desktop to your speakers, but could it head to your wristwatch next? According to three recent job postings spotted by technologist Dave Zatz, Spotify may be looking into making its own wearable that would prominently feature Spotify functionality.

In a since taken down listing for a senior hardware product manager (read the cached version here ), Spotify wanted candidates who’d be able to develop products that could “become new Spotify business lines,” comparable to the “Pebble Watch, Amazon Echo and Snap Spectacles.”

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Other notable listings that Zatz cites include two advanced postings for a natural language understanding engineer and voice product manager — both heavily emphasize voice recognition and the second product manager listing also cites wearables.

For Spotify, the potential move seemingly comes out of left field. While Spotify apps have made it onto platforms like Android Wear and Samsung Gear, the company hasn’t made significant inroads into its own hardware — it’s generally partnered up with other companies and strictly provided software. Plus, the wearables market has been weathering a tough stretch. Wearables from companies like Apple and Fitbit saw sluggish sales of their flagship products to close out last year.

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The streaming service has generally found enough success with its core business, as it continues to maintain strong market share against competitors like Apple Music. That said, a potential Spotify-branded product could take, as the company name-dropped, a form similar to Snap’s Spectacles. At the moment, there's no indication on whether the device could be a fitness-centric device like Fitbit's or a general high-end smartwatch like the Apple Watch. But while Snap, like Spotify, traditionally was an app-based company, Spectacles have been a strong one-off product and extension for Snap and Snapchat.