Existing Sprint customers who joined the network while it was running two long-standing promotional deals are set to experience a sizable price hike on their monthly bills as those one-time offers from the company are set to expire.

Sprint’s “50 Percent Off ” promotion launched in 2015 and its “Unlimited Freedom” plan started in 2016 will both come to an end during the month of January. Customers who took advantage of those promotions could see their bill increase by as much as 90 percent.

Sprint, the fourth-largest wireless telecommunications provider in the United States, began offering its deeply discounted promotional plans as a way to keep pace as other carriers began ditching two year contracts and offering unlimited data plans.

Sprint first announced its 50 percent off promotion in November 2015 and offered consumers switching from Verizon, AT&T and T-Mobile a 50 percent discount off what they were paying other carriers. The offer applied to customers who signed up with the network between Nov. 20, 2015 and Jan. 7, 2016.

The Unlimited Freedom plan began in December 2016 and offered consumers an unprecedented offer of five lines with unlimited data, talk and text for $100 per month—about $20 per line. The offer was considerably more generous than many competing offers from other mobile carriers—though it came with a set expiration date that is about to come to fruition.

The 50 percent off promotion is set to end on Jan. 8, while the Unlimited Freedom plan will disappear on Jan. 31—meaning the bill customers receive from Sprint come February will cost them considerably more than the one they received in months prior.

For customers who enjoyed the 50 percent off promotion, their bills will increase to one of Sprint’s standard plans, which Sprint suggests will still be less than the cost of similar service from another major carrier.

“Customers on Unlimited Freedom and 50% off were informed when they signed up with Sprint that the plans were introductory pricing and would increase in price at a future date,” a Sprint spokesperson told Fierce Wireless . “The great news is these customers are still paying less for their service compared to other major carriers. Plus, Sprint now provides unlimited customers Hulu at no additional cost.”

As for Unlimited Freedom subscribers, they are likely to be hit the hardest. Sprint’s Unlimited Freedom plan—with unlimited data, talk and text—will persist, but the prices will return to what they were originally: the first line will cost $60, the second line will cost $40, and all lines after will be $30. Under the promotional offer, the third, fourth and fifth line were free.

That means Unlimited Freedom customers could see an increase of as much as $90 on their months bills, bumping them up from paying $100 per month to $190 per month—working out to about $38 per month per line as opposed to $20.

The looming price increases likely do not bode well for the mobile carrier. According to data from mobile market analysis firm Wave7 Research, about 300,000 Sprint customers are expected to be affected by the price hikes. Those customers, who joined Sprint because of promotional pricing, may start to look at other carriers to find a better deal.