• "Spy X Family" Episode 7 is airing this Saturday
  • The episode will stream on Crunchyroll
  • The anime is based on Tatsuya Endo's original story

Anya Forger is upset because she messed up at school and fears Loid is mad at her. Yor feels it is her fault as she was the one who encouraged Anya to take on the bullies.

The official Twitter handle of the series has released a set of spoiler stills of "Spy X Family" Episode 7. The spoilers suggest Anya is ready for her first class at the academy.

Loid doesn't want Anya to hate school and needs to find a way to ensure she enjoys her school life. Moreover, it is crucial for the mission.

In "Spy X Family" Episode 7, Loid reminds Anya to apologize to Damian at school. Loid is counting on Anya to be a good girl.

"Anya's uniform is finished. Loid has to go to a WISE strategy meeting, so he has Yor pick up the uniform as he heads to the safehouse. At the meeting, he finds out that Anya will have to receive 8 Stellar Stars and become an Imperial Scholar at Eden College in order for him to successfully complete Operation Strix," read the official synopsis of Episode 6, as per Crunchyroll.

"Meanwhile, Anya is very excited about getting her new uniform. But there are always criminals on the lookout for wealthy students from Eden College and Anya gets targeted by a group of hoodlums," it continued.

The cast of the anime includes Atsumi Tanezaki as Anya Forger, Takuya Eguchi as Loid Forger, Saori Hayami as Yor Forger, Hiroyuki Yoshino as Franky Franklin, Kazuhiro Yamaji as Henry Henderson, Yuko Kaida as Sylvia Sherwood, Kensho Ono as Yuri Briar, Umeka Shouji as Camilla, Manaka Iwami as Millie, Mirei Kumagai as Sharon, Shohei Kajikawa as Dominic and Junichi Suwabe as the shop manager of Garden.

"Spy X Family" anime is based on Tatsuya Endo's original work, which was first serialized in Shonen Jump+ magazine by Shueisha.

The opening theme of the anime, titled "Mixed Nuts," is performed by Official HiGE DANdism. The closing theme, "Kigeki," is by Gen Hoshino.

"Spy X Family" Episode 7 will release Saturday at 11.30 a.m. ET. Fans can watch the episode online on Crunchyroll. The episode will live stream in Japanese with English subtitles.

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