Five films open this weekend of May 17, ranging from blockbusters to surprise indie favorites. From science fiction thrillers to dramatic comedies, a wide variety of options leave viewers with plenty of options to choose from this weekend. Take a look at some of the films we think you should see, and some that you might want to think twice about.

"Star Trek Into Darkness"

“Star Trek Into Darkness,” directed by J.J. Abrams (“Lost”), is the sequel to the 2009 reboot, “Star Trek,” that follows Captain Kirk (Chris Pine) and his crew as they chase a terrorist within the Starfleet to a distant world. The film has received largely positive reviews from critics and both old and new “Star Trek” fans. The movie looks to be a box office contender this opening weekend.

"Frances Ha"

“Frances Ha,” directed and written by Noah Baumbach (“The Squid and The Whale”) and co-written and starring Greta Gerwig(“No Strings Attached”), follows Frances (Gerwig), a 27-year-old apprentice dancer who lives in Brooklyn, N.Y.,  barely getting by while living with her best friend, Sophie (Mickey Sumner). However, her world begins to fall apart after Sophie moves out. This black-and-white, low-budget comedy, has received mostly positive reviews, with its Rotten Tomatoes rating sitting at a high of 92 percent.

"The English Teacher"

“The English Teacher,” directed by Craig Zisk, is a dramatic comedy starring Julianne Moore (“The Kids Are Alright”) as a lonely but passionate small-town English teacher. After encountering her former student and failed playwright, Jason Sherwood (Michael Angarano), she convinces him to produce his play at her school -- all while dealing with the pressure of his father, who is trying to convince him to drop his dream and attend law school instead.


“Erased,” directed by Philip Stolzl (“North Face”), is a thriller starring Aaron Eckhart(“Olympus Has Fallen”) as Ben Logan, an ex-CIA agent turned security consultant who is forced to flee with his daughter Amy (Liana Liberato) after his employers destroy all records of his existence and mark them both for death as part of a larger conspiracy. Reviews are mostly negative, calling it “generic” and “derivative.”

"Black Rock"

“Black Rock,” directed by Katie Aselton (“The League”) and starring Kate Bosworth (“Straw Dogs”), Lake Bell (“No Strings Attached”) and Katie Aselton, is a horror thriller about three childhood friends, Abby (Aselton), Lou (Bell), and Sarah (Bosworth), who set out for a weekend trip to a remote island off the coast of Maine. After encountering three men on the island, things go horribly wrong after Sarah kills one of the men after he attempted to rape her, prompting the two other men to stalk and hunt them.

What other films do you think are worth seeing this weekend? Let us know in the comments below.