Leaked details of the next “Star Wars: Episode 9” trailer have surfaced online. Some of the scenes that the fans will see in the next video will be from the third act of the movie, in which Kylo Ren (Adam Driver) will meet Palpatine (Ian McDiarmid).

The Emperor is the main villain of the upcoming film. According to a new report by Making Star Wars, the next trailer will open with Kylo Ren going to the dead planet Exogal, which could also be spelled Exogul.

The scene in the opening of the trailer will be about Kylo Ren landing on the dead planet and walking towards a large floating cube. He will take a lift below the cube that leads him into the depths of the planet, where there is an underground facility to care for a dying old man.

The dying old man is strapped to a vertical medical chair. The trailer then cuts to Kylo Ren raising his lightsaber to the man’s throat, and he reveals his name to be Darth Sidious. So, the video will show the first meeting between the Supreme Leader and the Emperor in “Star Wars: Episode 9.”

The video will also show scenes of various battles and other shots from the movie. It will end with the Emperor saying something dramatic, which hasn’t yet been revealed.

The two trailers of the film that have been released online so far have all included some aspect of the Emperor. The first teaser ended with a reveal about the return of Darth Sidious and the second video teased the vast fleet of Star Destroyers the Sith Lord has built over the years.

“Star Wars: Episode 9” will be released on Dec. 20. With just a few weeks left, the next trailer may be released soon and the promotion is expected to pickup pace.

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