On the heels of the Paris attack, Facebook conversations related to the State of the Union address mentioned “terrorism” more than any other topic. Larry Downing-Pool/Getty Images

U.S. President Barack Obama is likely to include a mixed bag of topics in his State of the Union address Tuesday, but Facebook users already know what they want him to discuss. In the week leading up to the speech, “terrorism” topped the list of SOTU-related topics on the world’s largest social network, according to data provided by Facebook.

The topic dominated Facebook discussions on the heels of the deadly attack that killed 12 people in Paris earlier this month. In relation to the State of the Union address, it was talked about more than twice as much as the next highest-ranking topic, “Obamacare.”

“Immigration,” “jobs and the economy” and “Israel and Palestine” rounded out the top five SOTU-related topics. Facebook declined to provide specifics on how many interactions the speech is generating.

Facebook tracked State of the Union-related discussions from Jan. 11-17. Older Facebook users initiated much of the conversation. As measured by engagement, women 65 and over represented the top demographic discussing the speech, followed by men 65 and over. Men 55-64, women 55-64 and men 45-54 rounded out the top five demographics.

Obama will deliver his address to Congress on Tuesday at 9 p.m. EST. The speech is expected to be heavy on domestic issues such as income inequality, paid sick leave and a plan to provide free community college tuition to American students.

The top 10 most discussed SOTU-related topics are below.

1. Terrorism.
2. Obamacare.
3. Immigration.
4. Jobs and the Economy.
5. Israel and Palestine.
6. Taxes.
7. Community College Funding.
8. The NSA.
9. ISIS.
10. Paid Sick Leave.