Rudy Giuliani says all voters need to do to learn the truth about Hillary Clinton's health is to look online. But Giuliani has some skeletons of his own in his internet closet. 

On CBS' "The Late Show" Tuesday, comedian Stephen Colbert mocked the former New York mayor and Donald Trump supporter for spreading rumors that Hillary Clinton is not healthy enough to serve as president. In recent weeks, Giuliani, as well as other prominent alt-right figures and Trump surrogates, have suggested that Clinton suffers from seizures and is too frail and tired to govern. This week, Giuliani told CNN that voters just needed to Google "Hillary Clinton illness" to confirm the rumors for themselves. 

"Yes, Rudy Giuliani says diagnose Hillary for yourself ... on the internet," said Colbert, dripping with sarcasm. "Because if it is on the internet you know it's true. For instance, I put my symptoms into WebMD and discovered I have started menopause." 

The comedian decided to take Giuliani at his word and search online as instructed. However, Colbert found that the first story that pops up from a Google search for "Hillary Clinton illness" is an NBC News story titled, "Clinton fuels Clinton health rumors again ... and again." 

"So let me explain this to you. Giuliani says 'she's not healthy' and 'look it up on the internet.' And when you look it up on the internet it says, 'Giuliani says she is not healthy and look it up on the internet,'" said Colbert. "It's like an endless loop. It's like a snake with its tail in its mouth, or a man with his head up his own a--."

Pointing out the hypocrisy of propagating the baseless rumors — the health conspiracy stems for a concussion Clinton sustained before the first Congressional hearings on the Benghazi attack that Clinton's critics originally alleged was staged — Colbert instead directed viewers to another video on the internet. Colbert attributed Giuliani and Trump's familiarity with female health to a video from 2000 where Giuliani dresses up in drag, something he has done on multiple occasions. In the video Colbert highlights, a younger Trump plunges his head into Giuliani's fake breasts to sample a perfume. Colbert instructed viewers to Google the phrase, "Donald Trump Rudy Giuliani Drag Queen Motorboat," to see more. 

Colbert than proposed a theory for why Trump supporters are embracing the conspiracy: sexism. 

"You're just tiptoeing around the medical condition that you're really upset about, one that she has that no other president in history has ever faced. Hillary Clinton has Chronic No-Penis," Colbert joked. "It's congenital. Every woman in her family has the same thing."