After five seasons and a successful movie, “Steven Universe” is coming back one last time for an all-new epilogue limited series titled “Steven Universe Future.” Aside from the new futuristic name, it also has a new opening sequence. Several fans noticed several significant things in the latest opening sequence that many fans might have missed.

“Steven Universe Future” Details

“Steven Universe” series creator Rebecca Sugar revealed during the New York Comic Con that an epilogue-style limited series dubbed as “Steven Universe Future” is coming soon. The story will pick up where the events in the movie left, which took place a couple of years after the events in the main series. The upcoming epilogue also shows off a new opening sequence.

Cartoon Network shared the synopsis of “Steven Universe Future.” It states that Steven is still tying loose every loose end after he saved the universe. However, as he runs out of other people’s problems to solve, he will finally have to face his very own problems. The new series will be available on Cartoon network, but so far, there is no information yet in regards to its release window, aside from the assurance that it is coming soon.

Steven Universe
“Steven Universe” Season 5 will feature the back story of Pink Diamond’s death and will also bring White Diamond in the plot. Cartoon Network

“Steven Universe Future” Opening Sequence

The new opening sequence of “Steven Universe Future” is still done in a “Steven Universe” fashion. Interestingly, it is loaded with details about the upcoming epilogue type series. There is a new arrangement of “Here We Are In The Future,” which is the replacement for the series’ signature theme, “We Are The Crystal Gems.” Noticeably, it is now fully sung by the entire Crystal Gem team and not just Steven, Pearl, Amethyst, and Garnet.

The Off-Colors who Steven bonded with when he was in space are also present along with a host of previously corrupted gems. This includes all the Diamonds, the Nephrites, and the antagonist in “Steven Universe: The Movie,” Spinel. Connie and Lars are also in the picture with Steven wearing a new shirt that resembles the one that Greg wore in his younger years.

The enemies now include several familiar faces, which could be the loose ends that the synopsis of “Steven Universe Future” is referring to. Jasper is there, and above his head is a tiny gem that seems like Aquamarine. But, she is a bit different, considering that her blue tinged with a little red.