“Steven Universe” Season 5 is expected to return to the small screen soon with new episodes.

Rebecca Sugar and Cartoon Network shared a new trailer for “Steven Universe” Season 5 at the San Diego Comic-Con. This video clip, shows that the upcoming episodes will cover a number of plots including Pink Diamond’s (Sugar) back story. The clip reveals that Steven’s mom, Rose (Susan Egan) was not the one who killed her. So, the new season will cover a murder mystery involving her death.

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There will also be a flashback episode that is expected to include White Diamond, Crazylace, Biggs and Snowflake. At the time the actors behind the characters haven’t been revealed yet, but many are already interested on the actor who will voice White Diamond. In this Reddit thread, HairyDylan145 hoped that a big Broadway star will be cast for White Diamond. He suggested Angela Lansbury, Glenn Close or Barbara Streisand for the role,  adding that Patti LuPone’s casting as Yellow Diamond was his favorite. Another user agreed, “If Rebecca Sugar can get Barbra Streisand to play White Diamond and have a Diamond Trio song that would be the best thing ever.”

However, some preferred a voice actor whowould sound like “pure evil” because White Diamond is one of the most perverse characters in “Steven Universe.” Meanwhile, other viewers believe that due to the character’s nature, casting would be difficult. “I think she’s a particularly hard character to cast because it seems White Diamond will be the most sinister persona of the show. Certainly the most powerful. I didn’t see a giant statue of Blue or Yellow Diamond on Homeworld. The actor they find will have to be pretty strong and experienced.” Others were fine if the series creator, Sugar, would take the role.

Aside from this, an episode featuring Lapis (Jennifer Paz) and Peridot (Shelby Rabara) is expected. Based on the trailer presented, there are speculations that there will be a Lapis and Peridot fusion as the latter convinced the former to fight with her for her home. “Earth is our home now, isn’t it worth fighting for?” Peridot tells Lapis. Their characters are expected to grow when the series returns.

“Steven Universe” Season 5 premiered last May 29 with the first four episodes. The current season has 26 planned episodes, so fans can still expect for 22 more. Cartoon Network has yet to announce when the new episodes will air.

Stay tuned for more “Steven Universe” Season 5 updates.