Will Cameron (Kyle Harris) and Kirsten (Emma Ishta) make it until the end in “Stitchers” Season 3? Freeform

The cast of “Stitchers” Season 3 recently attended the 2017 San Diego Comic-Con.

After their panel, Ritesh Rajan, Kyle Harris, Emma Ishta and Damon Dayoub sat down for an interview with TV Line’s Andy Swift to share more details about the final four episodes of the Freeform series. According to Harris, his character, Cameron, and Kirsten (Ishta) will continue to struggle with their relationship. However, the couple will also fight to make things work. “And we just keep going with that struggle, trying to find the best way around that,” he said.

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The actor went on to say that Cameron and Kirsten will have plenty of makeout sessions in the upcoming episodes. Harris added that fans can expect the same of Linus (Rajan) and Ivy (Sarah Davenport). The new couple will hook up multiple times in the final episodes of “Stitchers” Season 3.

On Monday, “Stitchers” Season 3, episode 7 aired. “Just the Two of Us” centered on Kirsten being stuck inside the mind of an autistic man with unique empathetic abilities. After waking up from the stitch, the lead character finds herself and Cameron alone inside the stitcher’s office. This leaves Kirsten with no other choice but to confront her feelings regarding her and Cameron’s relationship.

Meanwhile, Dayoub, who plays the role of Detective Quincy Fisher, will also make a life-changing decision towards the final moments of “Stitchers” Season 3. According to the actor, this will have something to do with the detective’s wife. By the looks of it, Fisher and his wife’s marriage is already going downhill and a divorce may be looming in the horizon.

Unfortunately, Allison Scagliotti wasn’t able to sit down with TV Line for the interview. The actress’ character Camille is in a budding relationship with Amanda (Anna Akana). The couple seem to be a good match, but things became a little bit awkward when Camille and Amanda went on a double date with Linus and Ivy. After all, Camille and Linus were previously linked to each other.

“Stitchers” Season 3 airs Mondays at 9 p.m. EDT on Freeform.