The cast of “Storage Wars” is allegedly in a full-fledged war against A&E due to a salary dispute. Just days after one of the series' original stars quit following allegations the show is fake, and the rumored firing of three cast members due to financial cutbacks, the entire cast of the hit reality program is reportedly planning to file a lawsuit against the network if their pay demands are not satisfied.

The audio recording of the plan, featuring the voice of the show’s auctioneer, Dan Dotson, prominently focuses on the proposal to sue the network, with Dotson claiming the cast's demands are more likely to be met if they present a unified front. “I really believe that unity is going to be really, really strong and I can see us all locking arms and telling A&E ‘F—k off,'" said Dotson. According to Radar Online, the reality stars are planning to refuse to show up to filming dates and locations in protest if their requests are not met.

The lawsuit idea arose when A&E used the concept of the show, which features treasure hunters searching abandoned storage lockers in hopes of gaining a profit, as the basis for three new spin-offs on the network. “Here we all are, we made this f---king show and now they’ve copied it. We want part of it,” said Dotson. “You can stop this lawsuit but you’re going to have to give us this much money and you’re going to have to make us partners on this. That’s the only way,” he said.

Dotson, one of three “Storage Wars” cast members on the chopping block, according to Radar Online, was recently cut out of six episodes while filming the current season along with his wife, fellow auctioneer Laura Dotson, and bidder Darrell Sheets. The network reportedly cut the stars out of the upcoming episodes in an attempt to cut costs and hire “cheaper talent.”

This isn’t the first time A&E has been sued by a “Storage Wars” star. The network faced a lawsuit brought by former cast member Dave Hester alleging unfair business practices. Hester also made claims that the show is staged, accusing producers of planting valuable items in bidders' lockers before filming. Hester lost his suit and request for injunction against A&E for what a judge claimed was unpersuasive testimony.

As of Wednesday, the program will already be down one main cast member. Storage locker hunter Barry Weiss reportedly recently filmed a farewell episode for the current season. According to reports, the 54-year-old chose to leave the program of his own accord after claims surfaced that the show is staged.