Released not even a week ago, the Hot Problems YouTube video by Double Take has been taking the Internet by storm, but not for any good reason. Raking in almost two million viewers, this latest song by Double Take is being considered worse than Rebecca Black's Friday.

Double Take consists of two 17-year-old girls, Drew Garrett and Lauren Willy from Los Angeles. Their song Hot Problems went viral, and consists of lyrics like Hot girls we have problems too/ we're just like you/ except we're hot. The video has over 5,000 likes on its YouTube page, but it's their dislike, number which is impressive. Hot Problems has garnered over 71,000 dislikes.

Comments on the YouTube page are showing no love for the video though. Rebecca Black...I forgive you, I think we owe Rebecca Black an apology, and This isn't a joke, this is an insult to the music industry are some of the nicer comments that have been left in response to Hot Problems.

According to ABC News, Hot Problems is being named the worst song ever, topping Rebecca Black's Friday video which also was released to criticism. Garrett and Willy didn't have the intention of making a serious song though.

We don't think that we're that hot, the teens told ABC regarding their lyrics. As for the singing, Garrett and Willy are well aware that they can't actually sing. We decided to go for more of a talking singing, Garrett told the news outlet. Unfortunately the teens must take some part of it seriously because they told ABC that they are open to careers as songwriters. Another song could even be coming out from the double trouble.

Besides Hot Problems, the girls also have prom problems. The ladies told ABC that they don't currently have dates. After watching the video, that news is very surprising to hear.

What do you think is worse? Rebecca Black's Friday or Double Take's Hot Problems?

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