Dr. Dre to Release New Album
For the first time in 16 years, Dr. Dre, pictured here at the Wall Street Journal Magazine Innovator Awards on Nov. 5, 2014, is set to release a new album, which will be the soundtrack to the film "Straight Outta Compton." Getty

Nearly 30 years ago, Dr. Dre burst onto the music scene with the group N.W.A and would go on to become one of the biggest figures in rap. Not much has been heard from Dr. Dre lately as it’s been 16 years since he released a new album. In case you forgot about Dre, he might be dropping a new soundtrack soon for the film about N.W.A., "Straight Outta Compton."

Dr. Dre is expected to release the “Straight Outta Compton” soundtrack, which he is expected confirm on Saturday on his Beats 1 radio show “The Pharmacy,” Rolling Stone reports. Ice Cube let the cat out of the bag about the new music in an interview with “The Rise and Grind Morning Show” on Power 99 in Philadelphia when he said that the album fans have been waiting for will be released on August 1.

“It's definitely a dope record, and he's dropping it all on the same day," Ice Cube said in the interview. However, a source told Rolling Stone the release date is actually going to be later than August 1.

In a March radio interview with 92.3 in Los Angeles, Dre said he was working on a record inspired by the movie. “I'm working on something right now. I don't want to put it out there just yet and say that I'm definitely gonna put it out. But I'm really feeling what I'm working on right now.”

Rumors of the next Dr. Dre release have been circulating for years. Many believed when he released his new material, the album would be called “Detox.” In an interview with Pitchfork in September 2014, Aftermath producer Dawaun Parker said Dre scrapped that title.

“I won’t say what the title is ’cause I haven’t seen that online or anything yet,” Parker dished.

Dr. Dre’s last album release “2001” came out in Nov. 16, 1999. It featured several hits including “Still Dre,” “The Next Episode” and “Forgot About Dre.” Prior to that, he released one of the most popular rap releases of all time with 1992’s “The Chronic,” featuring the hit “Nothin’ But A G’ Thang”

Since then Dr. Dre has released the occasional single, like 2011’s “I Need A Doctor,” which featured Eminem and Skylar Gray and was nominated for two Grammys for Best Rap/Sung Collaboration and Best Rap Song in 2011. He also released “Kush” in 2010, which he performed with Snoop Dogg and Akon.

“Straight Outta Compton” comes out everywhere on Aug. 14. The film chronicles the rise of rap group N.W.A. in the late 80’s, which launched the careers of Dr. Dre, Ice Cube and Eazy-E.

The trailer can be seen below.