The Strain
A flashback into Fet’s family revealed that his grandfather met another character on “The Strain.” Catch the series on Sundays at 10 p.m. EDT on FX. Michael Gibson/FX

After the devastating battle at Central Park, FX’s “The Strain” returned this week with an episode peppered with hope of taking down the Master. Three missions took center stage in Season 3, episode 7. However, the hour belonged to Fet and his family since fans discovered a shocking secret.

Here’s a quick recap of “Collaborators”:

A Flashback

“The Strain” kicked off with a flashback scene. We are hurtled to Ukrane in 1941 where two soldiers are fighting against the Nazis. One of these soldiers is none other than Fet’s (Kevin Durand) grandfather. Unfortunately, an explosion rocks the camp and the two soldiers are taken as prisoners.

Fet and his friend are put to work in a Nazi prison camp. They are given very little food to eat and judging by their attire, not much to wear. In walks in none other than Thomas Eichhorst (Richard Sammel) who tells the prisoners that they can volunteer for a job and get more food and warmth in exchange for their service.

Fet and his friend volunteer. Sadly, the new job involves killing old and infirm Jews inside the concentration camp in Poland. Fet’s grandfather refuses to shoot an old Jewis man. It’s only when the devious and heartless Eichhorst points a gun to his friend that he shoots the old Jewis man. Of course, knowing Eichhorst, he shoots his friend anyway because he made his decision slowly.

Fet’s Parents Died

Back in the present, Setrakian (David Bradley) and Fet make a quick detour to his parent’s house while going to a rival pawn shop to procure some silver. This silver will be used to make a box to trap the master. “The Strain” Season 3 had revealed in an episode that the Master can be defeated by trapping him in a box laced with silver and lead. Silver will weaken the Master and lead will cut off his communication to the strigoi army.

However, when Fet arrives in his parent’s apartment, he finds them dead. Both his parents are lying on bed. They committed suicide by shooting a bullet in their heads.

Fet is obviously devastated and angry at his father. Why didn’t he take his advice and run? Setrakian offers words of comfort by telling the hunter that they both were infected. “It was an act of mercy,” the professor tells him.

Quinlan Teams Up With Eph And Dutch

Meanwhile, Quinlan (Rupert Penry-Jones) visits Eph (Corey Stoll) and gets introduced to Dutch (Ruta Gedmintas). Eph says that they made a breakthrough with the Master’s communication with his strigois – a spike in the signal indicates his call to arms to his army. However, to discern the Master’s signal and his “voice,” they must get a sample of it. Eph was sure that the airline’s black box – the airline on which the Master landed in in New York – would be perfect.

The Strain
Quinlan joined forces with Dutch and Eph in “The Strain” Season 3, episode 7. Michael Gibson/FX

They go to the JFK airport and locate the black box which is actually orange. Quinlan is interested in the Master’s signals because it will help him locate him and trap him in the silver box.

Eldritch Palmer Is Back In Business

In Stoneheart, Eldritch Palmer’s (Johnathan Hyde) health is slowly but surely deteriorating. He learns that his signature was forged by the Master and his Nazi-loving lapdog, Eichhorst. They permitted his ship to dock without informing Eldritch.

The CEO reaches the dock and asks the crew to let him board the ship. They don’t allow him to. Enraged, Palmer goes home to recuperate and chide Eichhorst for going behind his back.

Palmer then goes back to the ship with armed men employed by him in order to find out what the cargo is. However, he is too late. The ship’s contents were already emptied and the crew members were murdered.

Plamer is desperate – he can barely stand and coughs blood intermittently. He arranges a meeting with Setrakian and relays all the information he has about the ship. The professor needs him to still find out what vessel the Master has taken on and find out what was on that ship. Hence, he gives him a small dose of the white. It’s more than enough to ensure that the CEO is back in business on “The Strain.”

Setrakian Comforts Fet

Fet bombs the rival pawn shop’s vault. Inside the vault is more than enough silver for them to make the casket. While Setrakian molds the metal, Fet reveals that his grandfather also committed suicide. He joined the Holocaust during the war and helped the Nazis kill innocent Jews. His father was worried that his father's sickness/darkness has been passed down to his son. Hence, he never approved of his job as a rat exterminator.

Setrakian comforts Fet and tells him to forgive his father because his father couldn’t forgive his father.

“The Strain” Season 3 airs Sundays at 10 p.m. EDT on FX.