• Justin Moore, 31, fatally shot Jacob McClanahan on Monday
  • The incident was caught on bodycam footage
  • Investigators are yet to determine the motive for the shooting

A Kentucky man fatally shot a volunteer firefighter who came to his aid while he was stranded on a road in Indiana. The 31-year-old suspect who killed the good Samaritan had delusions about vampires following him, the suspect's mother told officials.

Justin Moore from Hodgenville ran out of gas while he was near an elementary school in Palmyra around 9:30 p.m. Monday. Meanwhile, Reserve Officer Zachary Holly and two other passersby, including the victim identified as Jacob McClanahan, a volunteer firefighter, stopped by to help the stranded man.

According to bodycam footage of the incident, Holly asked Moore if he had any weapons inside the car to which he replied that he had a knife with him. When Moore was asked to put the knife away, he allegedly pulled out a gun and began firing killing McClanahan at the scene, Harrison County Prosecutor Otto Schalk said, WHAS 11 reported.

Holly then returned the fire and Moore died of his injuries at the scene.

"I have watched this bodycam footage more times than I'd like to try and make sense of a senseless killing. In a civilized and decent society, people shouldn't be killed for simply helping out," Schalk said Wednesday.

Meanwhile, Rachel Crisp, Moore's mother said her son was acting differently in the past year and had several delusions. Moore believed that he was a werewolf and that everyone in his family was a vampire who chased him, Crisp said, the mother revealed.

"He was talking about vampires following him home. Just crazy nonsense stuff like that. It just doesn't make any sense," Crisp said, NY Daily News reported.

Crisp also said she wanted to send her condolences to McClanahan's family. "He was just there trying to help my son. I feel sorry for his parents, and his family members. Here he was, trying to do a good deed and everything, and then get caught up in the mess like this and end up losing his life," she added.

However, the police said it is unclear from the bodycam footage if Moore suffered from any sort of mental illness. "You could say he was agitated. But nothing that would have given rise to escalating it to a 'shots fired' situation," Schalk said.

The officials have not determined the motive for the shooting or why Moore was in Indiana.

Representative image Credit: Pixabay / tevenet