It’s no secret that “Stranger Things” stars Millie Bobby Brown and Finn Wolfhard have great chemistry on camera. However, their co-star Noah Schnapp is suggesting that the two’s romantic connection may extend off-screen.

Schnapp, who plays Will Byers in the Netflix series, mentioned his fellow cast members in the comment section of an Instagram post on Sunday that asked users to “tag two people that want to hook up.” Needless to say, fans were quite amused by his reply.


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“Noah being his own true libra self,” someone commented.

Another Instagram user replied, “you can’t blame him he’s not wrong” with a skull head emoji at the end.

“IM DYING HE ACTUALLY DID IT,” another fan wrote in disbelief.

One person replied, “OMG YOU DIDN'T DO THAT” with a laughing and heart emoji at the end.

Another fan suggested that the comment might be a revelation about the stars’ characters getting back together in Season 4 of the series.

“Welp, ain't a fan of mileven but y'all do know Noah might be telling us mileven's having a come back right?” a fan wrote referencing the relationship between Wolfhard’s Mike Wheeler and Brown’s Eleven in the show. “Noah, like this comment if it's a yes. I'll cry if it's true cuz I do not like the ship...”

Others simply commended the actor for his bold comment.

One fan wrote: “balls of steel. I salute you sir.”

“We love a chaotic KING,” someone else quipped.

On the other hand, some users found the comment to be inappropriate.

One Twitter user wrote: “Istg the disaster this has become. Noah isn't getting out of this alive and I feel so sorry for Millie and Finn. I can't imagine the kind of stressful this situation is becoming for them and the kind of strain it must be having on their friendship with each other and Noah.”

“WTF they’re like 12,” an Instagram user replied.

All three seasons of “Stranger Things” are now available to watch on Netflix.

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The “Stranger Things” Season 2 poster. Netflix