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Mike and his friends hang out in "Stranger Things" Season 2. Netflix

Halloweekend was extra strange this year, as Season 2 of Netflix’s “Stranger Things” dropped on Friday, giving fans the whole weekend to binge it.

While the nine-episode season answered a lot of questions fans had about Season 1 and what had happened in the town of Hawkins, Indiana, since viewers last saw it, there were also many questions that were raised.

Here are 10 questions we have after watching Season 2 of the hit series.

1. When the show picks back up, will Eleven be free and in the clear?

The Hawkins Lab scientist told Chief Hopper (Dave Harbour), after giving him a birth certificate for Eleven (Millie Bobby Brown), that she should stay low for about a year, in order to be as safe as possible. While he understood it, he did ask if it would be okay for her to go out for just one night she could attend a school dance, which she did. But when the show returns, will she be able to roam free? Will she be in the clear, as much as one with abilities can be?

2. Do the youngest siblings go to school or know each other?

This season, we met Lucas’ (Caleb McLaughlin) family and we see that he has a little sister, just like Mike (Finn Wolfhard), but do they know each other? How old are they and do they go to school? We’ve seen Mike’s younger sister in both seasons, but she never really does much or is seen often, but Lucas’ sister made quite the impression this season. In Season 3, will we find out more about these younger siblings?

3. Where’s Dustin’s dad?

Just like we me last Lucas’ family in Season 2, we also met Dustin’s (Gaten Matarazzo). But Dustin’s family didn’t seem as big as everyone else’s, as he appears to be an only child and seems to only have his mom around. But, where is his dad? They never mention him. While it’s not like someone’s dad would be mentioned in every situation, there were plenty of times for him to be brought up, especially when Dustin was heading off to the dance. Instead, Dustin built up a relationship with Steve (Joe Keery) throughout the season, sort of like a big brother/little brother relationship, which seemed to sort of fill a man-less void in Dustin’s life.

4. Will we learn more about Max and Billy’s complicated family, and will his abusive father get the justice he deserves?

Among the new characters fans were introduced to this season were Max (Sadie Sink) and her step-brother, Billy (Dacre Montgomery). While Max ended up joining Lucas and his buddies’ group, Billy was a lone wolf and a bully. He was mean and nasty to Max and beat up Steve, but fans also see that part of the reason he is this way is because his dad is abusive to him. Will Billy find a way to fight back against his dad? Will Billy find a way to become a little bit nicer? Where is his mom? What’s Max’s dad like?

5. Are Nancy and Jonathan officially together?

Despite still being with Steve at the start of the season, Nancy (Natalia Dyer) never stopped having her hidden feelings for Jonathan (Charlie Heaton), and he her. After she and Steve end up going their separate ways, though Steve still loves her, she finds herself in bed with Jonathan after the two go on an adventure together. Once this happened, the two continue to be very close, but never discuss what happened or what that means for them relationship-wise.

stranger things 2 nancy jonathan
Nancy and Jonathan go on an adventure in "Stranger Things" Season 2. Netflix

At the very end of the season, at the school dance, Nancy is serving punch to the students while Jonathan is taking their photos and the two share affectionate looks at each other, but that’s all viewers are given. No explicit detailing of where they stand, though fans are likely to assume that the two are at least together in some capacity.

6. After now having met Eleven and Kali/Eight, will we meet the others?

It’s reasonable to assume that those behind the creation of Eleven and Kali/Eight (Linnea Berthelsen) didn’t jump around with their numbering of their test subjects and that there are at least nine other people who were worked on in the lab. Whether all of them survived testing or not is another story, but are there others who are out there and alive? What powers do they have? Are they all from that collection of flyers of missing kids that Eleven’s mom had saved.

7. With all of the science and the abilities out there, will Eleven find a way to fix her mom?

Eleven finally learned she had a mother, and that her real name is Jane, and even went to go see her. From this, though, she learned that her mom is mentally injured because of the evil Hawkins Lab. Though Eleven’s able to communicate with her in her own unusual way, that’s not the same thing as being able to actually speak with her. Will Eleven find a way to use her powers, or someone else’s, to fix her mom? If not, will she be able to find a scientist capable of fixing her?

8. Is Papa actually still alive?

At the end of Season 1, it was believed that Papa had died, but towards the end of Season 2, one of his subjects tells Eleven that he is still alive. Is he really? If so, where is he and what is he up to? Will Eleven find him? What will she do to him or ask him if she does?

9. Is the dead demadog still in the Byers’ fridge?

Dustin had the idea to not bury the dead demadog that was in the Byers’ home, but instead to store it in their fridge, with the help of Steve. But, as it couldn’t just stay in there forever, what did they end up doing with it? The show flashes forward a month and surely they figured out somewhere to either put it. Or did they find somewhere that could do tests on it? Is it really dead?

10. Is the shadow monster still alive?

The very last scene of Season 2 shows once again sends the viewer back to the Upside Down. Fans see the giant, spider-like shadow monster still there, in the sky, looming over the school. Is the shadow monsters still alive, just back in the Upside Down? Is it looking for a new human host, like Will was for it? How will it find its way back to the real world? Is that the main terror that the Hawkins residents will once again face in the next season?