Suge Knight
Marion "Suge" Knight's hit-and-run that left Terry Carter dead was caught on a video that has just been released to the public. Reuters

New evidence has surfaced online in the murder trial of rap mogul Marion “Suge” Knight that will likely be key to the case. Knight, the co-founder of Death Row Records, was involved in an alleged fatal hit-and-run incident that was captured in its entirety on a surveillance video that was recently released.

On Feb. 3, Knight, 49, pleaded not guilty to one count of murder, one count of attempted murder and two counts of hit-and-run. Authorities say that in January, Knight had gotten involved in a heated argument with Cle “Bone” Sloan, 51, on the set of the upcoming film “Straight Outta Compton." They say that because of the argument, Knight was kicked off the set, and reportedly continued the argument with Sloan outside a nearby burger joint. (It was unclear whether Sloan, too, had been asked to leave the movie set.)

Outside the restaurant, Knight was reportedly attacked and, later, backed up his vehicle, knocking Sloan to the ground. He then allegedly ran over both Sloan and Terry Carter as he drove out of the parking lot. The incident left Sloan with some injuries and Carter dead.

The graphic video footage, which can be seen below via, shows Knight pulling up to the parking lot of the burger place and being instantly attacked by Sloan. Previously, James Blatt, a lawyer representing Knight, had said that Knight was attacked by “a number of individuals,” but the video does not seem to support Blatt's claim. Instead, it shows only Sloan approaching Knight, with Carter -- who was acquainted with both men -- as a bystander. Knight later fired Blatt, prior to the rapper's plea hearing.

Knight’s current lawyers claim that their client did not intend to hit the men with his vehicle, he was just trying to escape a potentially life-threatening situation -- and the newly released footage could lend credence to that claim. After Knight appears to run over both men, another bystander can be seen removing something from Sloan's pants. The unidentified person then places the object in his own waistband. TMZ, which posted the video at the request of the Carter family, notes that the item could have been a gun -- which would mean Knight’s alleged attacker was armed.

Meanwhile, authorities believe they have a case against Knight, arguing that the rapper very easily could have driven away -- without running over the two men -- simply by driving down the road after he backed up the vehicle. However, TMZ also notes that Knight’s lawyers claim that Knight saw a group assembled nearby and feared he’d be shot if he simply tried to drive past them.

Check out the video evidence for yourself below.

WARNING: The content is incredibly graphic and is NSFW.