Will Pearson Specter Litt become Zane Specter Litt in Season 6, episode 11 of “Suits”?

Although Jessica Pearson (Gina Torres) didn’t accept Robert Zane’s (Wendell Pierce) offer to merge P.S.L. with his own law firm in the Season 6 summer finale, executive producer Aaron Korsh told TVLine that the merger offer will still play a key role in the Season 6 winter premiere.

“Robert Zane is going to have to decide, and we’re going to wonder: Is he going to keep this offer on the table, or is he not?” Korsh told the news outlet. “And whether he keeps it on the table or doesn’t, how are Louis [Rick Hoffman] and Harvey [Gabriel Macht] going to respond to that? That is absolutely one of the focuses of [episode] 611.”

In a separate interview with Deadline earlier this month, Korsh said that the merger offer is actually going to be part of the story in the back six episodes of the installment.

“It’s contemplated in the back six,” the executive producer said of Zane’s offer to merge. “[But] the truth of the matter is that Wendell Pierce, who is an amazing actor, is a series regular on another show (“The Odd Couple”), and though they’re very generous with letting us have him within their schedule, we don’t have unfettered access to him, so it’s difficult to merge with Zane at the moment. But I’m not sure our characters would want to do that anyways, so I’ll say it’s unlikely that we end up merging with him in this back six, but you never know what the future holds.”

“Suits” actor Patrick J. Adams, who directed the episode, also told The Hollywood Reporter that the show’s winter premiere is generally “setting us off on this path of what’s next for everybody.”

As for what fans can expect from his character, Adams said that Mike “is desperately searching for where he’s going to fit next and realizing that even though he’s paid the price and done his time that it’s still something that’s going to get in the way of him accomplishing his dreams now. He can’t really shake the fact that he was sent to prison. It’s a great episode.”

“Suits” Season 6, episode 11 will air in January 2017 on USA Network.