Gabriel Macht as Harvey, Sarah Rafferty as Donna
“Suits” actor Gabriel Macht opened up on whether he thinks Harvey and Sarah Rafferty’s Donna would ever get back together as lovers on the hit USA legal drama series. Ian Watson/USA Network

In Season 3, Episode 6 of “Suits” (“The Other Time”), it was revealed that Harvey (Gabriel Macht) had actually pursued Donna (Sarah Rafferty) when their relationship was fairly new. They even had sex one time, but together they agreed to put the night behind them, never talk about it again and move on as friends and colleagues. But would the two ever get back together?

In a recent interview with TVLine while promoting tonight’s episode which he directed, Macht admitted that he doesn’t know whether Harvey and Donna would end up together again, as he knows that she would leave her job as his secretary if that happens.

“I know they had that one time, and I know if they did get back together, she wouldn’t work for him,” the 44-year-old actor told the news outlet. “I don’t know if they did get together, if he could do it without her. Maybe if he changed his line of business, became a judge…? Maybe then he could end up with her. I really don’t know.”

Last month, Macht revealed to the New York Post that seeing Harvey and Donna as lovers won’t interest him, but he seems to think that seeing the pair end up together in the series finale would make a good ending.

“If the idea is that people want to see these two together because they see them as being great partners, that's great ... but, to be frank, when Ross and Rachel got together [on ‘Friends’], I wasn’t as interested,” he said at the time. “If anything, I'd like to see them get together at the very end.”

Rafferty, on the other hand, thinks that making Harvey and Donna a romantic couple could be a great idea, but she personally feels that it would never happen on the legal drama.

“I'll never say never,” Rafferty told Digital Spy in January of the possibility of seeing the pair officially become boyfriend and girlfriend on the hit USA series. “It could be amazing, and we have great writers who could create that scenario for us. But it's not something that I see happening. Though I could be wrong. I've been wrong before!”

The 43-year-old actress thinks the two characters are “confused” with their feelings for one another. “They don't know whether it's a brother / sister thing [or something else],” she said.

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