Patrick J. Adams
“Suits” Season 6 star Patrick J. Adams and longtime friend “Snowden” actor Zachary Quinto (not pictured) looked back on their younger years as actors. Getty Images/Matt Winkelmeyer

Unbeknownst to many, Patrick J. Adams and Zachary Quinto are longtime pals. The two both starred in the same stage play years ago, and that’s where their friendship started.

Adams recently chatted with Quinto for Interview magazine, and during their phone conversation, the two looked back on their younger years as actors.

“I have my memory of it, but I’m not entirely sure if it’s totally accurate,” Adams, who plays Mike Ross on “Suits,” said of how they met for the first time. “We were at the Ojai Playwrights Festival. We were both in ‘The Laying on of Hands,’ correct?”

Although Quinto said that he and Adams “had known of each other before that,” the “Snowden” actor confirmed that’s “when they actually met.”

Adams and Quinto revealed that the usual topic of their conversations at that time was about their frustrations in life.

“I remember you were just about to go and do ‘So Notorious’ on VH1, and I was super unemployed, and I think we spent a lot of time talking about how we weren’t particularly happy,” said Adams, 35. “I remember our conversations always being frustrated that we weren’t doing what we wanted to do, but also filled with the determination that we were going to overcome that. Do you remember it that way?"

“I definitely do,” Quinto replied, before adding that all the challenges they had faced together in the past made him more thankful for the friendship they have today.

“It’s all the more reason that I feel grateful to be able to stay connected and be in each other’s lives," the 39-year-old actor said. “It’s really nice to be able to look back on that and be reminded of how far we’ve come, at least in the opportunity aspect. The mental state aspect of it is a different story.”

While it’s rare to see Adams and Quinto hanging out in public, the two have always been supporting each other’s projects whenever their schedules permit.

For instance, Quinto and boyfriend Miles McMillan attended the opening of Adams’ photo exhibit “Behind the Lens: An Intimate Look at the World of USA Network’s Suits” in January 2015.

Apparently, Adams and Quinto also used to go out late at night for fries. “Late night fries with @ZacharyQuinto. That's plate number two today. For those keeping count,” Adams tweeted back in 2010.

“Suits” Season 6 returns to USA in January 2017. “Snowden,” on the other hand, opened in theaters on Friday, Sept. 16.