Gabriel Macht as Harvey, Patrick J. Adams as Mike
One of Mike (Patrick J. Adams) and Harvey’s (Gabriel Macht) plans hits roadblock when the latter’s past complicates things in Season 7, episode 9 of “Suits.” USA Network/Ian Watson

Mike comes up with an ambitious business idea in Season 7, episode 9 of “Suits.”

According to the synopsis for next week’s episode of the USA Network series, Mike (Patrick J. Adams) proposes a power move to Harvey (Gabriel Macht) that would boost the business of Pearson Specter Litt. While Mike’s proposal is yet to be revealed, it seems that it’s something lawyers like them don’t usually undertake.

“I’m a lawyer. You know that, right?” Harvey asks Mike in the trailer for the episode after hearing his proposal.

“To be honest, between the hair and the short hours, I kind of forget it sometimes,” Mike jokingly replies.

Given the banter between the two, it appears that Harvey has approved the proposal. The plan, however, hits a roadblock when Harvey's past complicates matters.

Meanwhile, Louis (Rick Hoffman) mentors Brian (Jake Epstein) as they work together on a case. In Season 7, episode 8, Rachel (Meghan Markle) mentioned to Louis in passing that Brian had cooked something up for the Langston settlement, so that’s possibly the case they’ll be working on next episode.

While no details about the Langston settlement have been released yet, it’s clear in the promo clip that Louis has no plans to back down. “If they think they can rip our nipples off without a fight, they’ve got another thing coming,” a fearless Louis tells Brian in the bullpen.

Also in the upcoming episode, Rachel is surprised when her dad, Robert (Wendell Pierce), offers a chance to join forces. Series creator Aaron Korsh told Deadline that like Louis and his associate Brian, Rachel and Robert, are also going to be working together on a case.

In addition, Korsh revealed that the show will continue to explore the love triangle between Harvey, Donna (Sarah Rafferty) and Paula (Christina Cole) next episode. “I think Harvey and Donna’s history and feelings are so strong and, especially coming off such a disappointment for Donna at the end of episode 8, that triangle will probably continue to exist. If Paula is in the picture, there is going to be some tension there, and we are definitely going to play some of that in [episodes] 9 and 10.”

Korsh added that both Dr. Lipschitz (Ray Proscia) and Gretchen (Aloma Wright) are returning next episode, noting that “Gretchen has a very strong episode in 9, maybe the best ever.”

“Suits” Season 7, episode 9, titled “Shame,” airs on Wednesday, Sept. 6 at 9 p.m. EDT on USA Network.