Patrick J. Adams as Mike
Mike (Patirck J. Adams) races to keep the prison case alive in Season 7, episode 7 of “Suits” USA Network/Shane Manwood

Mike (Patrick J. Adams) just can’t let go of the prison case.

According to the synopsis for next week’s Season 7, episode 7 of USA Network’s “Suits,” Mike races to keep the prison case alive after the judge dismissed it at the end of the last episode due to Alex (Dulé Hill) forcing Mike to admit in the courtroom that he kept working on the case despite signing a document that he would no longer be involved in it.

In the trailer for episode 7, Mike tells his fiancée Rachel (Meghan Markle) that he will get the prison case reopened in criminal court. While Rachel clearly understands why Mike remains committed to seeking justice for the mistreated prisoners, the former paralegal warns her future husband that Harvey (Gabriel Macht) can get him fired if he moves forward with his plan.

“If Harvey’s gonna let me go, then he can let me go,” Mike tells Rachel.

Harvey, meanwhile, learns the scope of Alex’s involvement in the prison case. In the trailer, Alex tells Harvey that Mike should also know the real reason why the ex-Bratton Gould lawyer is so concerned about the case, but Pearson Specter Litt’s (PSL) managing partner doesn’t think that it’s a good idea.

“You’re [only] gonna give him a match to light the whole thing on fire,” Harvey tells Alex.

Mike, however, ends up learning that Harvey is withholding something about the case from him. When Mike confronts Harvey about it, Harvey bluntly tells Mike that he isn’t worthy of the truth.

“Tell me what’s going on,” Mike tells his mentor.

“I’m not gonna do that because I can’t trust you,” Harvey replies.

Elsewhere in the upcoming episode, Donna (Sarah Rafferty) struggles with her work-life balance, while Louis (Rick Hoffman) is forced by his therapist Lipschitz (Ray Proscia) to go out of his comfort zone.

Louis has grown up a lot since Season 7 started. Just last episode, Louis personally apologized to Stephanie (Nitya Vidyasagar) for lashing out at her a few episodes back. Although Louis was having a hard time talking about his former fiancée Tara (Carly Pope), Louis opened up about what happened between them to make Stephanie understand why he’d been so harsh to her. After Louis sincerely confided in Stephanie, the former PSL associate accepted his apology and decided to drop his sexual harassment case against him.

“Suits” Season 7, episode 7, titled “Full Disclosure,” airs on Wednesday, Aug. 23, at 9 p.m. EDT on USA Network.