• Sulli’s mother spoke about the late K-pop star’s relationship with ex-boyfriend Choiza in a new documentary
  • She said she did not support Sulli dating someone 14 years her senior
  • Choiza saw a spike in hate comments on his Instagram page following the release of the new documentary

Sulli's ex-boyfriend, Choiza, is facing criticism once more after his past relationship with the late K-pop star, who died by suicide in October last year, was discussed.

On Thursday, Sept. 10, MBC released a new documentary titled “Why Were You Uncomfortable With Sulli?” in which Sulli's mother opens up about the late singer's passing and her disapproval of her daughter's relationship with Dynamic Duo's Choiza.

Following her mention of Choiza, the South Korean hip hop artist’s latest posts on his Instagram account were flooded with criticisms related to his relationship with the f(x) singer and her death.

“It's really too bad,” one netizen commented. "Had she not met you, she would be alive and well today.”

“No, you're not the only person to blame for Sulli's death,” another wrote. “But you are the one who started it all. So I hope you take your own life too. Really.”

This came after Sulli's mother revealed that she was unhappy when her daughter began dating Choiza, who was 14 years her senior, back in 2014.

“To suddenly have a boyfriend 14 years older than you means that you move up too many steps without having that middle ground,” she said in the documentary. “Everything changes, like how you play, drinking culture, and your conversation patterns.”

Sulli's mother said that her daughter had been upset that she did not support their relationship, which eventually led to them becoming estranged from each other. The loneliness Sulli felt following her breakup with Choiza might have been too much for the idol to handle, her mother added.

“We completely fell apart after that,” she said. “We kept in touch but we rarely saw each other… I can only imagine how alone she must have felt when the relationship came to an end. She had lost the man she loved. She didn’t have her own mother by her side. The emotions must have been too much for her to handle at the time.”

The documentary also featured Girls' Generation's Tiffany, who revealed that Sulli endured vicious online criticism after she went public with her relationship with Choiza.

“Wherever you go, online comments are made and pictures are taken,” she said. “To be honest, they had just gone to enjoy a very normal date, but if that suddenly blows up, I think it’d be very hard. Sulli was probably only 20 years old then, but I think all the comments sound like they’re really talking about you, so you feel guilty.”

Choiza and Sulli, born Choi Jin Ri, broke up in 2017, nearly three years after they confirmed their relationship.

Sulli was found dead at the age of 25 at her home in Seoul, South Korea, on Oct. 14 last year. Reports indicated that she had been battling severe depression.

Following her death, Choiza took to Instagram to mourn her passing.

“We spent the most beautiful moments of our lives together,” he wrote. “I'm sending you off pitiably like this, but I'll cherish our memories until the day my eyes close. I really miss you.”

Sulli was a product of South Korea's fiercely competitive show business industry Sulli was a product of South Korea's fiercely competitive show business industry Photo: YONHAP / -