Famous K-pop star Sulli has been found dead at her home in South Korea. She was 25 years old.

According to CNN, Sulli, or Choi Jin-ri in real life, was found lifeless on the second floor of her Seongnam home by her manager Monday afternoon who had gone looking after failing to contact the singer-actress. Their last conversation happened the day before the tragedy.

Authorities believed that Sulli might have “killed herself,” but they are not closing the door on any possibilities that might lead to any evidence about her passing, reports said.

The police's initial investigation also led them to discover a note at Sulli's home, but they are yet to analyze its content.

Another source described Sulli as an outspoken figure who fought for women's rights. This led to her being bullied and harassed online as she was active on social media.

Alongside Shin Dong-yup, Kim Sook and Kim Jong-min, Sulli hosted The Night of Hate Comments, a Korean variety show where celebrity guests shared and discussed their experiences on cyber bullying, hate comments and malicious rumors that they have encountered online.

Last July, Sulli came forward and revealed that she was a strong supporter of the “no bra movement.” Numerous photos that showed her without wearing a bra and exposing her nipples sparked a wave of online abuse.

Sulli gained popularity a very young age. In 2005, she played Princess Seonhwa of Sillia in SBS' Ballad of Seondong .

By 2009, Sulli debuted as a new member of the pop group, f(x). While her plan to withdraw from the group began in July 2014, it wasn't until a year later that the announcement was made official.

During this time, Sulli concentrated on her acting career. She was featured in Dean's single, Dayfly , which was released on Nov. 9, 2018.

July 29, 2019, marked the beginning of Sulli's independent career when released her solo album Goblin.

Sulli also appeared in a number of TV dramas such as Drama City and Love Needs a Miracle (2005), Oh! My Lady (2010) and To the Beautiful You (2012), among others.

Her filmography includes her portrayal as Gwak Chun-sim in 2007's Punch Lady , Young Ji-ho in BABO (2008) and other notable roles in The Pirates, Fashion King and Real .

CNN pointed out that K-pop stars, one of Korea's “biggest exports,” are exposed to rigorous training and pressure and that these can be linked to a multitude of mental illnesses and health issues.