Sun Microsystems on Tuesday released its new powerful virtualization software with supports for multiple processors.

Its new Virtual Box 3.0 expands its existing capabilities to high-performance, cross-platform virtualization software and enhanced graphics support for desktop-class workloads.

It features up to 32 vCPUs per guest processors, support for OpenGL 2.0 graphics for Windows, Linux, and Solaris guests, and a wider range support of USB devices, including storage, iPods and phones.

“With each new version, VirtualBox software delivers more innovation, performance and power. And as virtualization continues to gain momentum in the market, the world's developers and IT decision makers are turning to VirtualBox en masse,” the company said.

The previous 2.2 version software has currently over 4 million registered worldwide.

The VirtualBox software is free for individual use. While its enterprise editions, which include 24/7 support, start at $30 a head a year.