When it comes to the Super Bowl, the commercials often receive just as much attention as the game itself, and 2013 was no different.

Considering the fact that a 30-second advertisement during the event costs a whopping $3.8 million to $4 million, advertisers were expected to pull out the big guns. Unfortunately, the results largely fell flat.

Those ads that were memorable may stay on viewers' minds for the wrong reasons -- while some were midly amusing, maybe others were downright bizarre and even offensive. A few made headlines for stirring controversy and provoking polarized reactions on social media.

Here are the TV spots everyone’s talking about.

'Get Happy,' Volkswagen

In an ad for the 2013 Volkswagen Beetle, a Caucasian owner of the car is so pleased with the vehicle that he adopts a Jamaican accent and shares his Rastafarian way of thinking with his coworkers.

The commercial, which gained attention prior to the Super Bowl, has prompted decidedly mixed reactions on Twitter. Though some have found the ad to be offensive and “racist,” others have laughed it off.

In an interview with TMZ, Jamaican-born singer Sean Paul said the ad is “just entertainment” and shouldn’t be taken so seriously.

The Wall Street Journal called it “off-putting,” while the New York Times noted that many believe it to be “good-natured.”

Despite the argument the ad has caused, it has made several “best” lists.

'Brotherhood,' Budweiser

The sentimental Budweiser is a sentimental look at the relationship between a man and his Budweiser Clydesdale. Fleetwood Mac's “Landslide” contributes to the ad’s weepy tone.

“Budweiser has done it again. Well done. #Clydesdales,” tweeted Jimmy Fallon.

The TV spot has been called “heart-tugging” and “meaningful.” According to the Huffington Post, it was likely the “most-loved” commercial of the night.  

The minute-long ad was ranked No. 1 in USA Today’s Ad Meter.

'Perfect Match,' Go Daddy

The unimaginative and wince-inducing Go Daddy commercial features supermodel Bar Refaeli engaging in a lip-lock with a computer geek.

Critics have called the ad “gross” and “disgusting.”

@HeidiCF8 tweeted, “Anyone who didn't lose stomach content over that go daddy commercial with Bar Rafaeli is NOT watching the same Superbowl I am. GAG!”

Former Republican National Committee Chairman Michael Steele also took to Twitter to call the ad “VERY DISTURBING.”

Bleacher Report has named it one of the “most disappointing commercials” of the Super Bowl, while the Hollywood Reporter called it the “most misogynistic ad.”  

 It also finished last in the USA Today Ad Meter Ranking.

'Whisper Fight,' Oreo

Who would have thought that the crunchy goodness of Oreo cookies would be associated with grisly violence?

The evening’s Oreo promo showed the all-out riot ensuing during a debate about whether the cookie or cream is better.

While many have named it one of the best ads of the night, a few viewers expressed opposition to the ad via Twitter.

“Because we don't have enuf (sp) violence/destruction, Oreo has now become part of the problem,” @polowhite posted.

“Did Tarantino direct that Oreo commercial? Same jokey violence,” ‏@APMike quipped.

Overall, though, it looks like the ad’s brutal nature didn’t deter many.

Mashable reports that the ad led thousands of Instagram users to engage in the debate about which part of the cookie is better.  

‘So God Made a Farmer,' Chrysler’s Ram Truck

The ad features a voice-over from late radio broadcaster Paul Harvey, who in the 1978 speech “So God Made a Farmer” at the National Future Farmers of America Convention said that American farmers were closest to God.

Photos shot by the renowned William Allard and Kurt Markus and other notable photographers appear throughout the two-minute promo.     

It’s unclear how the godliness of farmers relates to Chrysler vehicles, but it seems that the ad resonated with several viewers.

According to ABC News, actor Rob Lowe’s positive reaction to the commercial was retweeted more than 1,200 times.  

“God made a farmer. Yes. Not hip, no gimmicks. Not trying to be funny. Just great,” Lowe said.

Hulu users have voted it the best ad of Sunday’s broadcast.