Super Bowl commercials are almost as exciting-- or even more thrilling, depending on your personal taste-- as the actual sporting event. For Carl’s Jr. fans, the big news this year is that 22-year-old Charlotte McKinney has replaced Kate Upton as the newest blonde model to sensually eat a massive burger.

The fast food giant broke tradition by using McKinney, who is relatively unknown. Usually Carl’s Jr. springs for high-profile celebrities like Sports Illustrated model Kate Upton or socialite Paris Hilton.

This year, however, the burger chain wanted to promote their hormone-free burger that sells for $4.69 by having the Guess model tease her au naturel assets for the campaign, the U.K.’s Daily Mail wrote. As she walks though a farmers market, fruits and vegetables cover her unmentionables so it makes it seem like she’s nude. “I love going all natural,” she says. “It just makes me feel better.”

Viewers will have to wait for the big game to see the full ad, but a teaser has already been posted to YouTube. It already had more than 209,000 views by late Thursday. To see what hundreds of thousands have already viewed, check out the video below:

The clip might not settle well with everyone, especially since in the past Upton and Hilton raised eyebrows by wearing skimpy outfits. The illusion that McKinney is naked could really upset some people, but as far as AdWeek editor Lisa Granatstein is concerned, so what? "The more controversy the better,” she told Good Morning America. “I don't think they care one way or the other what women think about these ads."

As for McKinney, well, she just doesn’t want to be compared to Upton. “I wish the comparison would stop. I’m my own person. I think we both have a different style of what we’re going to do,” she told Fox411. “I hope it’s Charlotte McKinney and not the next Kate Upton.”

Super Bowl XLIX will be broadcast live on NBC Sunday from the University of Phoenix Stadium in Glendale, Arizona. Kickoff time is 6:30 p.m., EST.

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